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Janeway: A replicator operates through a series of electronic pathways that allow it to receive the instructions and take appropriated action. And here we go a cup of coffee, a bowl of soup, a plasma conduct or whatever we tell it to do. As difficult as it is to accept, the doctor is more like that replicator than he is like us.
Sette di Nove: When you separated me from the collective, I was an unknown risk to your crew, but you kept me onboard, you allowed me to evolve into an individual.
Janeway: You're an human being, he is an hologram.
Sette di Nove: And you allowed that hologram to evolve as well, to exceed his original programming. And yet now you choose to abandon him.
Janeway: Objection noted. Good night.
Sette di Nove: It is unsaddleing, you said that I am an human being, and yet I am also Borg. Part of me not unlike your replicator, not unlike the doctor, only one day choose to abandon me as well. I've always looked to you as an example, my guide to humanity. Perhaps I've been mistaken. Good night.
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