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Cast - B
Majel Leigh Hudec Barrett-Roddenberry
Majel Leigh Hudec Barrett-Roddenberry
Deceduta il 18 dicembre 2008 in California per leucemia.
Numero Uno: The Cage, The Menagerie
Storia: The Muse
Voce del computer Beta 5: Assignment: Earth
Voce del computer dell'Enterprise: The Practical Joker, The Survivor
Voce del computer dell'Enterprise: Emissary
Voce del computer della Federazione: The Dogs of War
Voce del computer e del registratore della base stellare: Court Martial
Voce del computer: 11:59, Defiant, Valiant, A Fistful of Datas, A Taste of Armageddon, All Good Things... - Part II, All Good Things... - Part I, Alter Ego, Aquiel, Ashes to Ashes, Author, Author, Basics - Part II, Basics - Part I, Battle Lines, Bloodlines, Body and Soul, Bride of Chaotica!, Caretaker, Cathexis, Chain of Command - Part II, Chain of Command - Part I, Child's Play, Coda, Conundrum, Cost of Living, Counterpoint, Course: Oblivion, Dark Frontier - Part II, Dark Frontier - Part I, Darkling, Darmok, Day of Honor, Day of the Dove, Deadlock, Demon, Displaced, Dragon's Teeth, Dreadnought, Drive, Drone, Endgame - Part II, Endgame - Part I, Ensign Ro, Extreme Risk, Eye of the Beholder, Face of the Enemy, Facets, First Contact, Firstborn, Force of Nature, Fury, Future's End - Part II, Generations, Genesis, Good Shepherd, Heart of Stone, Heroes and Demons, Homestead, Homeward, Hope and Fear, Human Error, Imperfection, In Theory, Indiscretion, Infinite Regress, Initiations, Inside Man, Investigations, Jetrel, Latent Image, Learning Curve, Lessons, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, Life Line, Man of the People, Maneuvers, Meld, Message in a Bottle, Mudd's Women, Muse, Natural Law, Nemesis, New Ground, Non Sequitur, Nothing Human, Once Upon a Time, One Small Step, One, Paradise, Parallels, Parturition, Penumbra, Persistence of Vision, Phage, Playing God, Power Play, Projections, Q2, Rascals, Realm of Fear, Redemption - Part II, Redemption - Part I, Relics, Remember, Renaissance Man, Repression, Rightful Heir, Schisms, Ship in a Bottle, Star Trek XI, Starship Mine, State of Flux, Survival Instinct, Suspicions, Tapestry, Tattoo, The Galileo Seven, The Raven, The Adversary, The Assignment, The Chase, The Conscience of the King, The Forsaken, The Game, The Haunting of Deck Twelve, The Jem'Hadar, The Killing Game - Part II, The Lights of Zetar, The Menagerie, The Mind's Eye, The Omega Directive, The Perfect Mate, The Quality of Life, The Search - Part II, The Swarm, The Visitor, Thine Own Self, Thirty Days, Threshold, Time's Arrow - Part II, Timeless, Tomorrow is Yesterday, Tribunal, Unification - Part I, Violations, Vis à Vis, Vortex, Waking Moments, Warlord, Whispers, Wink of an Eye, Workforce - Part I, Worst Case Scenario, Year of Hell - Part I
Voce del dispositivo slaver: The Slaver Weapon
Voce del primo ufficiale della Huron: The Pirates of Orion
Voce della Regina di Cuori: Once Upon a Planet
Voce della Vedala: The Jihad
Voce della nube cosmica: One of Our Planets is Missing
Voce di Grey: Yesteryear
Voce di Lara: The Jihad
Voce di Lora: Mudd's Passion
Voce di Randi Bryce: The Eye of the Beholder
Voce di Rila: The Ambergris Element
Voce di Theela: The Lorelei Signal
HyperB5: Majel Barrett
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