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Ultime modifiche
Episodio di Deep Space NineQuinta stagione
The Begotten In Purgatory's Shadow
For the Uniform
Numero di produzione511
Sequenza di trasmissione111
Week Of della prima trasmissione USA16.02.1997
Data della prima trasmissione su (Canal) Jimmy24.07.2001
VHS britannica dell'episodio5.7 (PG)
StoriaPeter Allan Fields
RegiaVictor Lobl
MusicaDennis McCarthy
Titolo italianoPer l'uniforme
Titolo francesePour l'uniforme
Titolo tedescoFür die Uniform
Titolo giapponeseEddington no Gyakushu (Eddington's Counterattack)
Titolo brasilianoPelo Uniforme
Data delle versioni dello script08.11.1996
Michael EddingtonKenneth Marshall
Cap. SandersEric Pierpoint
NogAron Eisenberg
Data Stellare 50485.2: Sisko rischia il tutto per tutto per catturare Michael Eddington, un ex membro dell'equipaggio federale di Deep Space Nine che si è unito ai Maquis.
  • Quando la Defiant lascia Deep Space Nine, nei sottotitoli si legge la frase di O'Brien «Pronti ad aumentare il tasso di iniezione del Teuterio». Ovviamente si intendeva deuterio.
Odo: Sir, have you ever reminded Starfleet Command that they stationed Eddington here because they didn't trust me?
Sisko: No.
Odo: Please do!
Dax: Benjamin, I am curious. Your plan to poison the Maquis planets, you didn't clear it with Starfleet first, did you?
Sisko: I knew I'd forgotten something!
Rispetto alla sceneggiatura originale, è stata tagliata una scena in cui Quark porta il pranzo a O'Brien e Bashir sulla Defiant attraccata a Deep Space Nine mentre sono in corso le riparazioni.

 O'Brien and a full engineering CREW are working on the
 Defiant, trying to bring her back on-line. Consoles
 are open, optical cable and portable equipment are
 strewn everywhere. The room is a mess. QUARK ENTERS
 with two waiters carrying a large ice chest-like


 For once, everyone's glad to see Quark. The repair
 crew put down their tools and line up to get sandwiches
 and drinks out of the container.

   Okay, who's doing the honors?

   I'll take it.

   Just put your thumb print right

 But before he does, O'Brien looks over the bill

   What? You don't trust me?

   Starfleet accounting has been all
   over me for these bills of yours.
   Apparently, two weeks ago I
   ordered six cases of champagne for
   the night shift.

   Can I help it that you care about
   your crew?

 O'Brien sees something on the bill that isn't right.

   Quark --

 But before O'Brien can say anything else, Quark takes
 back the PADD.

   All right -- if you're going to
   get picky...

 Quark starts reworking the PADD. BASHIR ENTERS,
 joining the food line behind O'Brien.

   How's it going, Julian?

   Wonderful. I've reloaded two
   percent of the medical database
   into the computer... at this rate,
   working round the clock, I should
   be done, oh, a year from Thursday.

   I still can't believe how much
   damage Eddington managed to do.

   I never trusted him, you know.

   Oh, come off it --

   No, I'm serious. Right from the
   beginning, there was something...
   slightly "off" about him.

   What are you talking about? You
   were always inviting him to play
   darts with us.

   I was just trying to be polite.
   I never really liked him.
   Besides, you're the one that had
   him over for dinner to your home --
   with your wife and child.

 They get their food and pick a spot to sit and eat.

   It was a dinner party -- there
   were twelve other people there.
   I didn't like Eddington -- I
   invited him because I thought he
   was your friend.

   That's ridiculous. He was never
   my friend. Okay, he played a
   great game of darts... and he knew
   how to tell a good story.

   Remember the one about the four-
   legged Talorian... ?

   And the Orion slave girl?

 They both grin at the memory as they open their
 sandwich containers. But before they eat, there's a
 long quiet moment.

   You know what, Miles? I guess I
   did like him...

   Me, too.

 And on that sad note, they take bites from their food.
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