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Rocks and Shoals Behind the Lines
Sons and Daughters
Data Stellare Sconosciuta: Worf deve affrontare il suo dovere di padre quando Alexander si offre volontario per servire a bordo della Rotarran. Nel frattempo Ziyal torna su Deep Space Nine per riunirsi con suo padre Dukat.
  • Uno dei rinforzi giunti sul vascello dice di chiamarsi Katogh e di essere figlio di Ch'Pok.
  • Tempi dell'episodio:
    • Teaser: 7:35
    • Primo atto: 7:06
    • Secondo atto: 6:43
    • Terzo atto: 6:12
    • Quarto atto: 9:38
    • Quinto atto: 7:39
    • Titoli finali: 1:03
    Totale: 45:56.
  • La versione europea in DVD ha un taglio di 20 secondi richiesto dalla BBFC per poter rientrare nella categoria di rating richiesta.
  • Nei sottotitoli di Canal Jimmy compaiono solo le scritte in klingon e non le traduzioni.
Martok: I tell you, Worf, war is much more fun when you're winning. Defeat makes my wounds ache.
Martok: A vital mission, impossible odds, and a ruthless enemy. What more could we ask for?
Worf: I can see our lives together will not be easy.
Dax: True. But they'll be fun.
Dukat invita Kira alla festa per Tora Ziyal e le dice che la festa si terrà alle 21.30, salvo imprevisti e Kira dice «The busy life of an interstellar despot». Le scene tagliate successive sono le seguenti:
   I prefer the term, "tyrant."

Kira almost smiles. She's in a good mood and for once
the banter with Dukat isn't so bad.

   I was thinking of assigning Damar
   to escort Ziyal to the opening.

   Damar? You can't be serious.

   He's a fine officer from a good

   He's a self-righteous sycophant
   who despises everything Bajoran.

   I assure you, Major, Damar doesn't
   despise your people.

   Then why does his upper lip curl
   every time he says the word
    (imitates Damar,
    complete with sneer)
   "Bajorans could use a lesson in

   He does no such thing.

Damar ENTERS behind her with a PADD.

   Gul Dukat?

   Ah, Damar... impeccable timing, as

    (consults PADD)
   Sir, the Bajoran (sneer)
   delegation requests that the
   replicators be shipped by Bajoran
   (sneer) transports.

Kira laughs outright. Damar abruptly stops, glowers at

   Thank you, Damar. That will be

    (to Damar)
   You heard the major.


    (fighting to keep
   We'll continue this discussion at
   another time.

    (draws himself up)
   Very well.

He executes a perfect about face and STRIDES FROM THE

   I believe I owe you an apology.
   You and...
   ... the Bajoran people.

Dukat's perfect Damar imitation causes them both to
burst out laughing. It's a humorous warm moment
between two old enemies, and for this brief instant
it's almost possible to forget all that's happened
between Kira and Dukat in the past.
  • Rituale per accettare Alexander nel casato di Martok:
         MARTOK (O.S)
       Martok degh, to-Duj degh, bat-LEH
       degh, mat-LEH degh. (Badge of
       Martok, badge of courage, badge of
       honor, badge of loyalty.)
    PULL BACK TO REVEAL Martok, Worf and Alexander gathered
    around a low table containing the box, the bowl, a
    jeweled decanter and a ceremonial candle.
     The room is lit by other strategically placed candles.
     Martok places the emblem in the bowl.
       Martok degh. (Badge of Martok)
    Worf turns to his son.
       Alexander, vih-nob dok-tog. (Give
       him your dagger.)
    Alexander solemnly hands it to Martok, who deftly
    slices into his palm, closes his fist and drips his
    blood onto the emblem.
       Wachk ihw, wachk kkor-duh. (one
       blood, one house.)
     He hands the knife to Worf, who does the same.
       Wachk ihw, wachk kkor-duh
    Worf hands it to Alexander, who does the same.
       Wachk ihw, wachk kkor-duh.
    Martok covers the insignia with liquid from the
    decanter. Touches the candle flame to it. The bowl
    bursts into flame. Alexander looks steadily at Martok,
    their eyes reflecting the flames.
       Mat-LEH gih-Hegh! (I will be
       faithful even beyond death.)
    The fire abruptly burns out.
       DAH! (now!)
    Worf watches intently, pride seeping out every pore, as
    Alexander reaches into the bowl, pulls out the insignia
    and affixes it to his shoulder.
       Welcome to the House of Martok,
       Alexander, Son of Worf.
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