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Episodio di Deep Space NineSesta stagione
Sacrifice of Angels Resurrection
You are Cordially Invited...
Numero di produzione531
Sequenza di trasmissione131
Week Of della prima trasmissione USA08.11.1997
Data della prima trasmissione su (Canal) Jimmy10.12.2001
VHS britannica dell'episodio6.4 (PG)
StoriaRonald D. Moore
RegiaDavid Livingston
MusicaDennis McCarthy
Titolo italianoSiete cordialmente invitati
Titolo franceseVous êtes cordialement invité
Titolo tedescoKlingonische Tradition
Titolo brasilianoVocê Está Cordialmente Convidado
Titolo provvisorioOnce Upon a Wedding
Data delle versioni dello script05.09.1997
Alexander RozhenkoMarc Worden
RomMax Grodénchik
Gen. MartokJohn Garman Hertzler
SirellaShannon Cochran
LeetaChase Masterson
NogAron Eisenberg
Manuele AtoaSidney Liufau
Data Stellare 51247.5: Il giorno del matrimonio tra Worf e Dax è finalmente arrivato, tuttavia ci sono alcuni aspetti del rituale klingon che non si confanno alla trill.
  • Apprendiamo che Jadzia alloggia nella sezione 25-Alfa dell'anello abitativo.
  • Apprendiamo l'età del simbionte Dax: 356 anni.
  • A proposito della precedente relazione di Worf, Ira Steven Behr ha detto: «The Worf/Dax marriage should resolve the Troi question once and for all».
  • Benché Dax dica che il Capitano Shelby le debba un favore, un esame della frase (e una sbirciata ai sottotitoli originali) rivela che si tratta di una persona di sesso maschile e non è quindi la Shelby vista in The Best of Both Worlds.
  • La data stellare è 51247.5.
Martok: Do you have any idea how much paper-work a Supreme Commander have to do?
Sisko: You are welcome.
Bashir: There's nothing more romantic than a wedding on DS9 in Springtime.
O'Brien: When the neutrinos are in bloom.
Worf: Blood. Pain. Sacrifice. Anguish, and Death.
O'Brien: Sounds like marriage all right.
Bashir: Miles...
O'Brien: Yeah...
Bashir: It's working. I've had a vision... about the future. I can see it so clearly!
O'Brien: What is it?
Bashir: I'm gonna kill Worf... I'm gonna kill Worf...
Bashir: I'm going to kill Worf. I'm going to kill Worf. That's what I'm going to do. I can see it clearly now. I'm going to kill him...
O'Brien: Kill Worf.
Bashir: Kill Worf.
Dopo la sigla, dopo che Kira e Dax hanno incontrato Odo, era prevista questa scena:
They [Dax e Kira] round a corner and stop short at the sight of...


who's filling the Corridor outside his quarters with
JUNK from around the galaxy.

He's adding another armload of material to the growing
mound when he sees Dax and Kira.

  Can you believe this? I've spent
  four days doing nothing but
  cleaning trash out of my quarters
  and I'm still not finished.

They peer at the odds and ends piled on the deck.

  Who was staying in your quarters?

  I don't know, but whoever he was,
  he lived like a pig.

  It was Weyoun.

  Weyoun? The Vorta?

  I always knew he was a bit of a
  packrat. I'd see him collecting
  little bits of junk from all over
  the station and taking them back
  to his quarters to--

  My quarters.

  Taking them back to your quarters
  to study them.

   (examining the trash)
  He wasn't very discriminating
  about what he studied.

  You should've seen the stuff I've
  already thrown out. Shoes,
  coasters, bits of string, broken
  bottles, power cells, picture
  frames, chair legs -- and there's
  still no end in sight.
  Excuse me, sirs.

 They turn to see NOG coming down the Corridor pushing
 a cart filled with his own pile of trash, which is more
 foul and disgusting than Bashir's.

  Cleaning out your quarters too?

  Yes, sir.

   (reacts to the smell)
  At least Weyoun was sanitary. Who
  was staying in yours?

   (quietly furious)
  Jake. Sisko.

 Nog continues on his way with a murderous expression,
 much to the others' amusement.
Nella caverna simulata nella holosuite, quando Worf descrive il percorso del rituale Kal'Hyah era prevista questa scena:
Sisko, Alexander, Bashir and O'Brien exchange glances,
then finally sit down around the firepit as well. Worf
stokes the fire, which then burns higher and brighter.

  Concentrate on the fire... soon
  you will feel the pangs of hunger
  in your stomach... merge the two
  into one... begin to feel the fire
  burning within you.

A long silent beat as they do as they're told.

  Ah... I can feel the hunger

  Me too.
Dopo la scena in cui Dax fa una dimostrazione di forza sollevando i due bracieri, mentre pronuncia una frase rituale, era prevista questa scena:

O'Brien is yawning at his station as Bashir approaches
him carrying a PADD and his Ma'Staka club (O'Brien's
is resting against the console). They're both tired
and weary from their all-night exertions.

   (hands him PADD)
  Request for equipment upgrades in
  the Infirmary.

O'Brien takes the PADD and tries to stay awake as he
looks it over.

  Do I look as bad as you do?

  Ask me no questions and I'll tell
  you no...
  no... lies.

  Do we know what's on the program
  for tonight's feast of insomnia
  and discomfort?

  You're going to love it:

Bashir fingers his Ma'Staka club with a wistful

  Remember that part about...
  attacking the bridal couple at the
  end of the ceremony? Do you think
  we get just one shot at them or
  can we keep going?

   (picks up his own club)
  It is a Klingon ceremony... I'd
  imagine that the more violent it
  is... the more Worf will
  appreciate it.

They test the weight of the clubs in their hands for
a moment, as they visualize the moment... then they
both suddenly yawn.
Al termine del matrimonio, dopo che Bashir e O'Brien si lanciano all'assalto coi loro Ma'Stakas, lo schermo diventa nero e si odono dei fuochi d'artificio. Nello script è riportata questa annotazione:
And then we hear the BLOOD-CURDLING SCREAMS and the
YELPS of PAIN, Klingon CURSES and the sound of BREAKING
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