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Episodio di Deep Space NineSettima stagione
Treachery, Faith, and the Great River The Siege of AR-558
Once More Unto the Breach
Numero di produzione557
Sequenza di trasmissione157
Week Of della prima trasmissione USA07.11.1998
Data della prima trasmissione su (Canal) Jimmy10.06.2002
VHS britannica dell'episodio7.4 (PG)
StoriaRonald D. Moore
RegiaAllan Kroeker
MusicaDennis McCarthy
Titolo italianoUn altro assalto alla breccia
Titolo franceseDe retour au combat
Titolo tedescoBis zum bitteren Ende
Titolo brasilianoMais Uma Vez Sob Fogo
Titolo nell'edizione italiana in DVDMorire da eroe
Titolo provvisorioUntitled Klingon
Data delle versioni dello script08.09.1998
KorJohn Colicos
Gen. MartokJohn Garman Hertzler
DarokNeil C. Vipond
KolanaNancy Youngblut
SynonBlake Lindsley
Data Stellare Sconosciuta: Con sua grande sorpresa, Worf riceve una visita di Kor: l'anziano eroe klingon ammette che la sua ambizione gli ha portato talmente tanti nemici da non poter più comandare nemmeno un'astronave. Worf gli promette di procurargli il comando di una nave e trasmette la richiesta a Martok, che rifiuta con rabbia: il generale spiega a Worf che anni prima Kor gli aveva negato lo status di ufficiale perché era il discendente di una Casa comune.
  • Il titolo è una citazione da Henry V, III-1:
    France. Before Harfleur
    and soldiers with scaling-ladders
    KING. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
    Or close the wall up with our English dead

    Il titolo italiano non è una traduzione imperfetta, ma la traduzione canonica di questo passaggio dell'Enrico IV.
  • Nei sottotitoli di Canal Jimmy Darok viene scritto D'arok.
Dax: So... what's your professional opinion?
Kira: Mh! You're crazy!
Darok: If they succeed, you can drink to their courage. And, if they fail... you can still drink to their courage.
Nel teaser, dopo l'intervento di Worf nel dialogo tra Bashir e O'Brien prima del cambio di scena, era previsto questo ulteriore dialogo dopo che Worf esce dal bar di Quark:
   Shall we talk about something

   The line in the dirt?

   The line in the dirt. Now, I
   suppose you're going to tell me
   "Well, there's no evidence Travis
   didn't draw the line." But, in
   fact, there's a great deal of
   evidence to suggest that the
   story was invented by...
Quando, nell'alloggio di Worf, Kor gli chiede di aiutarlo per dargli un'occasione per dimostrarsi ancora un buon guerriero klingon, è stata tagliata questa battuta di Worf:
 Worf is deeply moved by the old man's plea. He
 stands up and goes to him.

   Tomorrow I will go to General
   Martok and find you a command. I
   can give you an officer's
   commission immediately. So as of
   this moment, you are a soldier of
   the Empire once again.

 Worf offers his hand and Kor takes it, grateful
 beyond words.
Dopo la conversazione tra Martok e Sisko nell'ufficio di Sisko è stata tagliata la seguente scena:
8    INT. OPS

 Darok is waiting in Ops with several PADDs when Worf
 ENTERS from the turbolift, looking for Martok.

   The general is still with Captain
   If you're going to anger him
   again, can it wait until after
   he's approved these personnel

 Worf shoots him a look, but then Martok ENTERS from
 the captain's office.

   Worf! I'm glad you're here.
   We're about to embark on an epic
   journey into the very heart of

 Darok clears his throat irritably, but Martok does
 his best to ignore him as he leads Worf toward the

   Come with me. I want to inspect
   the Ch'Tang; she may be my next

 Darok follows them into the lift.

   And what good is a flagship
   without a crew to man her?

   You'll be the death of me, Darok!
   All right -- give me the

 The lift sinks out of sight.
Durante il dialogo tra Worf e Kor in cui Worf comunica che Martok non intende accettare l'arruolamento di Kor nella sua flotta è stata tagliata una piccola battuta di Kor (le parti in grigio sono quelle incluse nell'episodio):
   General Martok will not give you
   a command.

   (a curse). Did you tell
   him that I am still capable of --

   It has nothing to do with your
   capabilities. It is personal.
   He says that you struck his name
   from an officers list because his
   family comes from the Ketha
Dopo l'incursione alla base jem'hadar in cui Kor si mette in imbarazzo davanti all'equipaggio e dopo che Martok ha dato l'ordine di raggiungere lo spazio della Federazione, è stata tagliata la seguente scena tra Quark e Jake:

 After hours. Quark is sitting at the bar pouring out
 his heart for a change. JAKE is playing
 bartender to him, with a towel draped over his
 shoulder as he tries to mix drinks for the forlorn

   I'm not a bad man, Jake. I don't
   hurt people. I don't steal from
   them. I don't even overcharge
   them much. In a universe filled
   with pain and suffering I offer
   people an oasis.
   I offer them love. But does
   anyone offer love to me? No.

   Come on. I've seen you with

 Jake pushes the drink toward him. Quark glances at
 it and sends it back.

   Too much rum, wrong garnish.

 Jake frowns, consults a PADD and then throws out the
 drink before starting over.

   Of course I've been with women.
   But none of them were Jadzia.
   She was perfect. She played
   tongo. She had a sense of humor.

   She was tall.

    (loves it)
   And she was tall...

   Well, you did have your chance.
   Jadzia was here for three full
   years before Worf showed up.

   I was playing a deep game. I'm
   not the kind of man who just
   rushes in and declares himself.
   I like the chase. But then
   Mister Today-is-a-good-day-to-die
   shows up and spoils everything.
   And now, it's going to happen all
   over again with Ezri. New body,
   new personality, but she'll make
   the same mistake.

 Jake pushes over another drink.

   Too much syrup. Can't you read?

    (off PADD)
   It says two fingers.

 Jake puts his fingers alongside the outside of the

   That's not two fingers.

 He grabs the jar, sticks two fingers into the syrup,
 and shakes off the syrup into the glass.

   That's two fingers.

   Oh, God...

   Some bartender you'd make. Can't
   mix drinks and can't dispense

   You want my advice? Okay. You
   think Ezri's making a mistake?
   Tell her.
   Sit her down, look her right in
   the eye and tell her that you
   think Worf is the wrong man for

   She won't listen.

   Then she won't listen, but at
   least you'll have tried. If you
   don't say anything and they do
   get involved...

   I'll hate myself.

   And enough people hate you
   already. Why add to the list?

   You know what? You're a really
   bad bartender.
   But... I think you're right.
   Thanks, Jake.

 He heads for the EXIT.

   No tip?
Al posto della scena qui sopra riportata (scena 38), è stata inserita la scena tra Quark ed Ezri che si svolge nel bar di Quark. Questa scena era prevista nello script nella parte finale dell'episodio, appena prima della scena in cui nella Ch'Tang l'equipaggio brinda al sacrificio di Kor. Di seguito alla scena tagliata qui sopra riportata (scena 38) era prevista la seguente scena, non presente nell'episodio:

 Worf is sitting at the tiny desk, working on the
 computer when the door CHIMES.


 Kor ENTERS. He's subdued, chastened by what
 happened on the Bridge. For the first time, Kor
 suddenly looks his age. There's an awkward beat
 between the two men.

   Worf... I just wanted to say...
   that I regret what happened on
   the bridge yesterday...

   What's done is done. Let us not
   speak of it.

 Kor accepts that, but had hoped for more from Worf.

   You're right. We should put it
   behind us. It was a... momentary
   lapse. It will not happen again.
   Which brings us to the reason I'm
   I would like to... resume my
   bridge duties.

 Worf feels bad for him, it troubles him to see a
 great man like Kor brought low. But at the same
 time, Worf cannot help him at this point.

   I must think of the safety of the

 That stings.

   You don't believe in me, do you?
   You don't think I can serve as a
   soldier of the Empire any longer?

 Worf looks away.

   If that's what you think, at
   least have the courage to look me
   in the eye and say it!

 Worf didn't want to do this, but Kor is forcing his
 hand. He steels himself and looks Kor right in the

   I do not believe you are up to
   the challenge.

 The words cut through Kor like a knife. He seems to
 deflate right before our eyes. After a long,
 wounded beat... he turns and EXITS without another
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