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Episodio di Deep Space NineSettima stagione
It's Only a Paper Moon The Emperor's New Cloak
Prodigal Daughter
Numero di produzione561
Sequenza di trasmissione161
Week Of della prima trasmissione USA04.01.1999
Data della prima trasmissione su (Canal) Jimmy08.07.2002
VHS britannica dell'episodio7.6 (PG)
StoriaBradley J. Thompson
David Weddle
RegiaVictor Lobl
MusicaDennis McCarthy
Titolo italianoFigliol prodigo
Titolo franceseFille prodigue
Titolo tedescoDie verlorene Tochter
Titolo brasilianoA Filha Pródiga
Titolo provvisorioUntitled Ezri/O'Brien
Data delle versioni dello script19.10.1998
Norvo TiganKevin Rahm
Janel TiganMikael Salazar
Yanas TiganLeigh Taylor-Young
Thadial BokarJohn Paragon
FuchidaClayton Landey
Data Stellare Sconosciuta: Sisko è furioso quando scopre che O'Brien è scomparso mentre era in viaggio per una missione segreta verso New Sidney senza che lui fosse al corrente. Dal momento che la famiglia di Ezri gestisce le operazioni minerarie nel sistema in cui è scomparso O'Brien, Sisko chiede il suo aiuto per ritrovare Miles.
  • Nomination all'Emmy 1999 nella categoria «Outstanding Hairstyling for a Series» (head hairstylist Norma Lee, hairstylists Brian Andrew Tunstall, Gloria Pasqua Casny, Rebecca DeMorrio, Laura Connolly, Lauren Upshaw, Frank Fontaine, Timothy Jones, Susan Maust, Angela Gurule, Gloria Ponce, Virginia Grobeson, Linda Sharp).
Odo: By the way, your gagh has arrived.
Dax: My what? Oh, no!
Kira: How much gagh did she order?
Odo: 51 cases!
Dax: Each containing a different variety.
Odo: There are varieties of gagh?!?
Dax: Oh, yes! I can remember what each one tastes like, and the way they feel when you... swallow them!
Sisko: He's not a detective, he's an engineer!
Sisko: Something wrong?
Dax: No. Yes. I don't know.
Bashir: Here. Take 20 milligrams. At the first sign of space sickness. If you don't, you'll regret it.
Dax: So will the other passengers.
Dax: All this contracts and invoices... balance sheets and shipping orders, huh! I feel like I'm trapped in some kind of Ferengi nightmare!
Quando O'Brien ed Ezri decidono di investigare sui conti della ditta mineraria, è stata tagliata la seguente scena, in cui si parla del padre di Ezri:

 O'Brien is working at the computer terminal while
 Ezri looks on. O'Brien reacts in surprise to what
 he sees.

   I knew your family had some
   money, but I had no idea...

   We're rich, I know. It's my
   mother's doing. She built Tigan
   mining from the ground up...
   surveyed the planet, she even dug
   the first mining shaft.

   You must be very proud of her.

   I am. She's a... remarkable

   What about your father? Is he
   involved with the business?

   No. He... has other interests
   that keep him away from home for
   extended periods.
    (laughs at herself)
   I don't know why I'm sugar-
   coating it. He stays away
   because he doesn't want to be
   around my mother.

   I'm sorry to hear that.

   It's all right. I can't believe
   I still feel the need to make
   excuses for either of them.
   You know, if there's one thing
   being joined does... it makes you
   look at things as they are,
   instead of the way you want them
   to be. After eight lifetimes,
   you start to develop a pretty low
   tolerance for denial.
   And there's a lot of denial in
   this house.
   But we do have money...

 As O'Brien continues to work the computer...
Quando, verso la fine dell'episodio, Ezri parla con la madre in lacrime per la confessione del figlio, è stata tagliata una parte della battuta di Ezri riguardante il padre (le parti in grigio sono quelle incluse nell'episodio):
   They've taken Norvo.
    (no answer)
   I talked to Dad a little while
   ago. He said he's coming home.
   I'm going to stay on New Sydney
   for the trial... then head back
   to D.S. Nine.
Prima della scena finale su Deep Space Nine tra O'Brien e Ezri, era prevista la seguente scena:

 QUARK and WORF are arguing at one of the tables.
 Worf hands him a Ferengi PADD.

   This is not my bar bill.

   You're a member of the House of
   Martok, right? You don't want it
   to get out that you're refusing
   to honor the debts incurred by
   your own House, do you?

 Worf grabs the bill back in irritation and puts his
 thumbprint on it.

   Always a pleasure to do business
   with the House of Martok.
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