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Episodio di Deep Space NineSettima stagione
When it Rains... Extreme Measures
Tacking Into the Wind
Numero di produzione572
Sequenza di trasmissione172
Week Of della prima trasmissione USA08.05.1999
Data della prima trasmissione su (Canal) Jimmy23.09.2002
VHS britannica dell'episodio7.11 (PG)
StoriaRonald D. Moore
RegiaMichael Laurence Vejar
MusicaDavid Bell
Titolo italianoNavigando contro vento
Titolo franceseLe souffle de la guerre
Titolo tedescoFliege mit dem Wind
Titolo brasilianoNavegando Contra o Vento
Data delle versioni dello script24.02.1999
Elim GarakAndrew J. Robinson
WeyounJeffrey Combs
DamarCasey Biggs
Gen. MartokJohn Garman Hertzler
Gul RusotJohn Vickery
LuaranKitty Swink
VornarJ. Paul Boehmer
PranMax Omega
Leader dei FondatoriSalome Jens
Data Stellare Sconosciuta: Mentre Kira sta mettendo a punto la pianificazione tattica con i capi della resistenza cardassiana, Odo torna da una missione assai indebolito dalla medesima malattia che ha contagiato la sua specie. Intanto su Deep Space Nine, Bashir tenta di trovare una cura per la malattia di Odo.
  • Worf uccide in duello Gowron e viene acclamato nuovo Cancelliere dell'Impero Klingon, ma rinuncia al titolo e lo cede a Martok.
  • Bashir e O'Brien decidono di tendere una trappola alla Sezione 31 per cercare di trovare una cura alla malattia di Odo.
  • Vengono uccise moglie e figlia di Damar per rappresaglia.
  • Muore Gul Rusot.
  • Tempi dell'episodio:
    • Teaser: 6.57
    • Primo atto: 9.11
    • Secondo atto: 4.27
    • Terzo atto: 4.55
    • Quarto atto: 6.26
    • Quinto atto: 12.56
    • Titoli di coda: 1.03
  • Nei sottotitoli di Canal Jimmy ci sono un paio di errori di battitura: «palncia» anziché «plancia» e «ceca» al posto di «cieca».
Garak: This does not bode well. [T:01:31]
Garak: Odo, I hope you know how much I-
Odo: If I don't want pity from the woman I love, why would I want it from you? [T:04:20]
O'Brien: That's four in a row. You can't keep this up.
Bashir: I'm beginning to agree with you. [T:06:50]
Ezri: That's very sweet of him.
Worf: «Sweet»?!?!
Ezri: Not a very Klingon word, is it?
Worf: No.
Ezri: It's very... honorable.
Worf: Better. Albeit a little obvious. [T:25:04]
Rusot: What if they didn't believe you?
Kira: Then we're dead. [T:31:37]
O'Brien: How's the work going?
Bashir: I'm still firmly entrenched in square one. [T:32:19]
O'Brien: What do you think?
Bashir: I think it's a plan. A very good plan. When did you get so devious?
O'Brien: Huh! I've been hanging around you too long. [T:33:17]
Dopo la scena in cui Kira consiglia ad Odo di andarsi a riposare e prima della scena in cui Garak si reca da Odo e in cui scopre la gravità della sua situazione era prevista questa scena:

        As soon as Odo is out of sight from the main cavern,
        he sags against the wall and we can see that he's
        been putting up a brave front for everyone. He's
        wracked with pain and on the verge of exhaustion.
        He MORPHS into his true form -- a desiccated and
        flaking body. He looks even worse than the last
        time we saw the Female Shape-shifter. With a final
        glance behind him, he heads painfully down the


        Kira is looking over a PADD.

                        Starfleet Intelligence says that
                        a contingent of Breen engineers
                        arrived on Kelvas Five last week.
                        Breen engineers...
                        Have we had any reports of Breen
                        ships in that system?

                        No. As a matter of fact, no
                        Breen ships have been reported in
                        that entire sector.

                        So why send engineers... ? Do you
                        have any contacts on Kelvas Five?

                        No. But I think I know who
                        might. Excuse me.

        Garak EXITS.
Al termine del colloquio tra Sisko e Gowron, era previsto il seguente dialogo:
                        His [re:Martok] flagship won't return to the
                        station for three days. That
                        should give me time to finalize
                        plans for our next operation.

                        Chancellor, we can't afford to
                        keep wasting ships in these
                        reckless attacks!

        Gowron fixes him with a steely gaze.

                                (low, threatening)
                        I like a brave man, Captain...
                        but not a foolish one. The
                        soldiers of the Empire are mine
                        to command. And if I say the
                        attacks will continue... they

        Sisko can't challenge that and he knows it. Gowron
        holds his eyes for a beat, then EXITS. Sisko reacts
        with anger and frustration... but there's not much
        he can do at the moment...
Durante la conversazione tra Worf ed Ezri, al bar di Quark, è stato tolto il seguente dialogo, presente nello script (le parti in grigio si sono viste nell'episodio):
                        You've said very little.

                        I'm a counselor. Most of my job
                        is listening.

                        I'm not interested in counseling.
                        I need something more useful.
                                (off her look)
                        That's not what I meant.

                        I know what you meant. Look, I'm
                        just not sure I should be giving you
                        advice on what to do in this
                        situation. This is a Klingon matter.
Questa era la conclusione dell'episodio prevista dallo script:

        Worf and EZRI are being served drinks by QUARK.

                        A bottle of bloodwine and two
                                (to Ezri)
                        I thought you hated bloodwine.

                        It's a special occasion.

                        Oh? Maybe I should join you.

                        Maybe not.

                        Maybe not.

        Quark EXITS as Worf pours the wine into the mugs.

                                (lifts his mug)
                        To Chancellor Martok.

                        To Chancellor Worf.

                        My reign was... brief.

                        Kahless also said, "A leader is
                        judged not by the length of his
                        reign but by the decisions he
                        makes." And your decision may
                        have been one of the greatest in
                        Klingon history. I'm proud of
                        you, Worf.

        He looks away, a little embarrassed, but pleased.

                        So... how did it feel to stand on
                        the mountaintop? To know that
                        for that moment, the entire
                        Klingon Empire lay at your feet?

                        In truth... all I could think of
                        was my father. I wish he
                        could've known that his son
                        became chancellor... even if only
                        for a moment.

                        I think he knows... and so does

        She smiles and lifts her glass again.

                        To Chancellor Worf?

        Worf lifts his glass and they drink.

                            FADE OUT.

                        END OF ACT FIVE                         
                            THE END
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