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Episodio di EnterpriseSeconda stagione
Shockwave - Part I Carbon Creek
Shockwave - Part II
Numero di produzione28
Sequenza di trasmissione27
Data di prima trasmissione su UPN18.09.2002
Data della prima trasmissione su (Canal) Jimmy19.09.2004
StoriaRick Berman
Brannon Braga
RegiaAllan Kroeker
MusicaDennis McCarthy
Titolo italianoOnda d'urto - Seconda parte
Titolo tedescoDie Schockwelle, Teil II (L'onda d'urto, Seconda parte)
Titolo brasilianoOnda de Choque, Parte II
Data delle ripreseDal 9 al 18 luglio 2002
SilikJohn Fleck
DanielsMatt Winston
Ambasciatore SovalGary Graham
Commander WilliamsJim Fitzpatrick
Amm. Maxwell ForrestVaughn Armstrong
RaanKeith Allan
HaynemJef Ayres
Soldato sulibanoMichael Kosik
Umanoide del futuroJames Horan
Marzo 2152: Archer deve trovare un sistema per tornare nel suo periodo, dove l'Enterprise sta combattendo contro i Sulibani.
  • Nel futuro, Archer scopre l'esistenza dell'Impero Stellare Romulano, sebbene il primo contatto non sia ancora avvenuto e nessuno sulla Terra ne abbia mai sentito parlare.
  • Nel futuro, Archer scopre che avrà un ruolo importante nella fondazione della Federazione.
  • Dopo 150 anni, rivediamo i pantaloni a vita bassa e le canotte corte che lasciano fuori l'ombelico, esattamente come la moda dell'anno in cui è stato girato l'episodio.
Archer: The Romulan Star Empire. What's that?
Daniels: Maybe you shouldn't be reading that. [T:11:25]
Daniels: You're thinking of time travel like we're in some H. G. Wells novel. We're not. It's far more complicated. There's no way for you to understand.
Archer: You said your time portals are gone... all your technology, there isn't even electricity here. You're going to find a bicycle, turn it into a time machine?
Archer: You... can't... do that with those!
Daniels: No, it's a little bit more complicated, but not much: we learn how to do it in high school.
T'Pol: The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible.
Silik: Does Captain Archer agree with that opinion?
T'Pol: It's not an opinion.
Silik: Does Archer agree with that... determination?
Archer: Why is the same day so important? What would be wrong with making contact a week before I left, or... even a month before?
Daniels: I made the biggest mistake in the history of time travel this morning: I don't intend to make it any worse.
Sato: Whatever you're about to say, I don't wanna hear it. Just get me a shirt.
Archer: When I was in my early twenties on a trip in East Africa I saw a gazelle giving birth. It was truly amazing. Within minutes the baby was standing up, standing up on its own. A few more minutes and it was walking and before I knew it was running along side its mother. Moving away with the heard. Human aren't like that, Ambassador. We may come from the same planet as those gazelles, but we're pretty much helpless when we're born. It takes us months before we're able to crawl, almost to full year before we're able to walk. Our deep space mission isn't much different. We're going to stumble, make mistakes, I'm sure more than a few before we find our footing. But we're going to learn from those mistakes. That's what been human is all about. I'm sorry you can't see that.
Soval: Your analogy is very colorful, Captain, but I question whether it addresses the consequences of your actions.
T'Pol: The concept of learning from one's mistakes shouldn't be difficult for a Vulcan of your wisdom to understand, Ambassador. Our ancestors discovered how to suppress their volatile emotions only after centuries of savage conflict. You spoke of the distruction of the monastery. What about the Vulcan listening post that Captain Archer found there. I would hope that our people have learned from those events that using a secret sanctuary to spy on others was a disonorable practice to say at least. I don't wish to contradict Captain Archer, but learning from one's mistakes is hardly exclusive to humans. Their mission should be allowed to continue. [T:37:09]
Tucker: Good to hear your voice, Cap'n.
Archer: Good to hear yours, too. I feel like I have been away for... a thousand years!
Archer: I think you put it over the top. Forrest said none of the others could believe it when you went to bat for us. Not to mention that little «listening post» lesson you gave to Soval.
T'Pol: You spoke to the Admiral?
Archer: He woke me up in the middle of the night. Can you believe that?
T'Pol: I assume with good news.
Archer: I think you put it over the top.
T'Pol: I still don't believe in time travel.
Archer: The hell you don't! [T:40:05]
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