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Message to non-Italian-speaking people
Thank you for taking care to take a look at HyperTrek.
Unfortunately, HyperTrek is for Italian-speaking trekkers; here in Italy we don't have many Trek-related resources, and there are many Italian trekkers who don't read English.
Should you want to convert this site (or a part of it) in your language, please feel free to ask me (in English or in Italian), my e-mail is lrosa()hypertrek.info.
In case you need a good guide to Star Trek episodes in English, you can check the Official Star Trek Website; if you need a lot of fresh news, you can check Psi-Phi, TrekWeb or Trek Today.
A good source of technical informations about Star Trek is Ex Astris Scientia.
The idea of the references to the occurrences of the number 47 come from the astounding research conducted by Michaela Schlocker. The original of Michaela's work is at www.schlock.net/the47s.html.
Link esterni: WikiTrek

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