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Stargate SG-1
In The Other Guys appare tra i protagonisti anche uno spassosissimo John Billingsley nel ruolo del Dottor Coombs e ci sono due passaggi con riferimenti Trek.
Dr. Fleger: What? There's something going on out there.
Dr. Coombs: Oh, please They're just tired of your butt-snorkelling. «Tell me how you finally defeated Apophis.» «Major Carter, l based my thesis on your amazing wormhole theories.»
Dr. Fleger: Bite me, Coombs. At least my heroes exist. lf this was a Trek convention, you'd be dressed like a Klingon.
Dr. Coombs: Vulcan, Felger
Dr. Fleger: How can you be a scientist and not worship at the altar of Roddenberry? «How do we get out of this? The tachyon emitter?» [T:05:47]
Dr. Fleger: You are not going to die, Coombs.
Dr. Coombs: Come on, Felger. We might as well be wearing red shirts! [T:21:17]
In Unnatural Selection ci sono molti riferimenti diretti e indiretti a Star Trek, il più evidente è in questo dialogo in cui si discute in merito al nome da dare ad un'astronave statunitense appena varata.
O'Neil: They didn't go for it.
Carter: They didn't approve the mission?
O'Neil: No, they did that. Once they knew the stakes whole fate-of-the-universe stuff, the president and Hammond realised we had no choice. He sends good luck, godspeed, and all those things he says when he thinks we're gonna die...
Carter: So what didn't they go for?
O'Neil: The name l suggested.
Carter: For the ship.
O'Neil: Yeah.
Carter: Yeah, Sir, we can't call it the Enterprise.
O'Neil: Why not?
Carter: The project code name is Prometheus. What about that?
O'Neill: lt's a Greek tragedy. Who wants that?
Carter: OK, the X-303 it is, then. [T:09:14]
In 1969 c'è un altro riferimento a Star Trek.
Thornbird: I'm Major Robert Thornbird. And you are...?
O'Neill: Captain James T. Kirk, of the Starship Enterprise.
Robert Thornbird: Eh, your dog tags say otherwise.
O'Neill: They're lying! Ooh. All right. I'll be honest with you, Bob. My name's not Kirk. It's Skywalker. Luke Skywalker.
In Redemption (Part I) O'Neil e Carter stanno per partire con un nuovo prototipo di navetta e fanno i controlli di routine.
Carter: Navigation.
O'Neill: Check.
Carter: Oxygen pressure. Temperature control.
O'Neill: All check.
Carter: Inertial dampeners.
O'Neill: Cool. And check.
Carter: Engines.
O'Neill: All check... Phasers?
Carter: Sorry, sir... All systems operational. [T:33:08]
Carter: It's an energy-based weapon, sir. It could perhaps replace the missiles on the X-303.
O'Neill: Phaser?
Chloe: More like a photon torpedo.[T:02:28]
Guerriero Sodan: The elixir was most effective. They believe you are dead.
Mitchell: Well done, Bones... Never mind.
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