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Succedaneo dell'alcool etilico inventato dai Ferengi.
Scott: What in blazes is this?!
Cameriere: Didn't you order scotch?
Scott: Laddie, I was drinking scotch a hundred years before you were born. And I can tell you that whatever this is, it is definately not scotch.
Data: I believe I may be of some assistance. Captain Scott is unaware of the existence of synthehol.
Scott: 'S-synthehol'?
Data: Yes, sir. It is an alcohol-substitute now being served aboard starships. It simulates the appearance, taste, and smell of alcohol, but the intoxicating effects can be easily dismissed.
Scott: You're not quite, uh, human, are you?
Data: No, sir. I am an android. Lieutenant Commander Data.
Scott: Synthetic scotch, synthetic commanders. [Relics]
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Specie: Ferengi

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