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Serie Classica
Personaggi ricorrenti della Serie Classica
Christine Chapel (26):
Star Trek I, Star Trek IV, The Naked Time, What Are Little Girls Made Of?, The City on the Edge of Forever, Operation: Annihilate!, Amok Time, The Changeling, The Deadly Years, Journey to Babel, A Private Little War, Obsession, The Immunity Syndrome, By Any Other Name, Return to Tomorrow, Elaan of Troyius, The Paradise Syndrome, The Enterprise Incident, And the Children Shall Lead, Spock's Brain, The Tholian Web, For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky, Plato's Stepchildren, Wink of an Eye, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, The Lights of Zetar, The Way to Eden, Turnabout Intruder
Leslie (13):
Where No Man Has Gone Before, The Naked Time, The Conscience of the King, Arena, The Alternative Factor, Tomorrow is Yesterday, The Return of the Archons, Space Seed, This Side of Paradise, The Devil in the Dark, Operation: Annihilate!, The Omega Glory, Assignment: Earth
Kyle (10):
Star Trek II, One of Our Planets is Missing, Tomorrow is Yesterday, Space Seed, The City on the Edge of Forever, Catspaw, Who Mourns for Adonais?, The Doomsday Machine, Wolf in the Fold, The Apple, The Immunity Syndrome, The Lights of Zetar
Galloway (8):
Trials and Tribble-ations, Miri, The Galileo Seven, The Return of the Archons, A Taste of Armageddon, The City on the Edge of Forever, The Trouble with Tribbles, The Omega Glory, Turnabout Intruder
Janice Rand (8):
Star Trek I, Star Trek III, Star Trek IV, Star Trek VI, The Corbomite Maneuver, The Enemy Within, The Man Trap, The Naked Time, Charlie X, Balance of Terror, Miri, The Conscience of the King, Flashback
Brent (7):
The Naked Time, Shore Leave, Space Seed, A Piece of the Action, Is There In Truth No Beauty?, The Tholian Web, Whom Gods Destroy
Vincent DeSalle (4):
The Squire of Gothos, This Side of Paradise, The City on the Edge of Forever, Catspaw
Lee Kelowitz (4):
The Galileo Seven, The Squire of Gothos, Arena, This Side of Paradise
Angela Martine-Teller (4):
Balance of Terror, Shore Leave, Space Seed, Turnabout Intruder
John Farrell (3):
Mudd's Women, The Enemy Within, Miri
Hadley (3):
Space Seed, A Piece of the Action, Patterns of Force
Christopher Pike (3):
The Cage, The Menagerie, The Menagerie
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